History of the School

Our school was launched in 2000. Since then we have accumulated perfect methods applicable to any age and producing fabulous results.

We come up with uniquemethods to learn foreign languages which will make it possible to extract maximum information from any printed text with minimum time – educational, scientific, fictional and also trainings to memorize geographical, historic names, dates and figures.

Training sare set outiny our manual sor special texts.

Read faster, learn easily!

(an article from the magazine ‘Women’, April 2005)






About Dzhamilya Talipova

When Dzhamilya was a kid humanitarian sciences were a challenge to her. She reads lowly an dwith difficulty memorized texts, althoughdue to her mechanical intelligence she quickly solved tasks and long examples.

After school she was enrolled to the mathematical faculty of the Kazakh State University and then switched to the economic faculty and planned to dedicate herself to stock exchange. However, when she was a student she dreamt to learn fast reading and memorizing in order to somehow make her studies easier. Once she by chance saw magazine ‘Rabotniza’ where she read an announcement about correspondence courses in the school of rational reading.

She wrote aletter and thusa correspondence with a teacher began. The correspondence took one month. And result appeared. Then, Dzhamilyabegan to take books about fast reading from a library and immersed herself in self-education. It took her almost three years to completely master the science of fast reading. Butshehas ultimately managed to spend only eight – ten seconds now to read a book page of any sophistication.

“When I have coped with that challengeI understood ho we asyand quickly you can learn anything memoriz in gandassimilating information of any sophistication,” says Dzhamilya. “And I thought, why not share my experience with other people the more so that I always wanted to be a teacher, to teach children mathematics. However, I did not go to a school, but began to think about teaching children fast reading. Starting from 1997 and the following two years I read a plenty of books about fast reading methods. Andby 1999, havingarmed myself with a lot of knowledge in this area, I have launched courses.”

She had and still has a huge desire to share her experience. Andshemakesitwith pleasure. Today, parents of children whom she taught to read fast and to memorize necessary information come to visit her and to express their gratitude because life of their children has been got better.

“I had in my practice cases when parents complained that their children do not study, do not memorize, do not understand, although in addition to self-training and strict parental supervision they had private teachers,” Dzhamilya recollects. “However, upon completion of our courses kids change drastically. Theybegintodemonstrateincredible abilities.Subsequently, they enter respected universities and study there without any difficulties.”

Fast reading is a conceptionalreading. Ourfirstmistakeisthatwhenreadingwesay the words, and the second is that without memorizing we begin to read the same once again. Here, focusis first ofal lmade on memory and along with that reading technique is refined. First, reading correct is taught, and then reading unordinary is taught.

Trainings at psychological practical courses help develop thinking, attention, logic, improve memory. 


Psychological practical courses

Training sat psychological practical courses help develop thinking, attention, logic, improve memory. The most useful and necessary is selected from a read material and stored in the memory. Curiously enough, but unlike adults, children and teenagers achieve better results. Probably it is due to their flexible thinking and ability for prompt reorientation.

The International School of Fast Reading offersmethods to learn foreign languages and also trainings to memorize geographical, historic names, different dates and figures. By the way, based on her experience and experience of professionals, Ms Talipova has developed a new reading technique which produces stunning results, simultaneously improving speed of actions and movements which enables a person to manage to do things twice faster. Ifyouwanttosucceedinyourlife, thentwoacademichours twiceaweek you must study in the fast reading school and of course do your home assignments. Assignments are selected individually. For more efficient leaning, each group has maximum ten trainees and each lesson is measured by a learning speed.

Fast reading technique can be applied not only to the Russian language, it can be successfully used in any language. By the way, Ms Talipova has already received offers to open branches in regions of Kazakhstan and abroad. And probably she will accept these offers and set to their implementation.

And while Dzhamilya opens a folder with photos of kids and teenagers who successfully completed their studies in the school and enthusiastically tells about successes of each of them. She remembers that after courses in the school Sergei has on his own learnt English, German and French and reads 7,800 words a minute. Anotherboywith intellectual retardationnot onlylearnttoread 1,200 words per minute which is faster than any normal person does, but also he studies in Archimedes mathematical school.

And in any case, any person having learnt fast reading opens up new capacities and abilities about which he even did not suspect.