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Lyazzat, 25 january 2016, monday
A few days ago I finished the fast reading school. I passed all the 6 courses. I made it :). I’d like to thank Ayna Feruddinovna very much for interesting lessons. I went with pleasure :). A wonderful teacher. The knowledge and skills I have gained will be useful to me as well as to my children. Now I know how to help them learn this or that material. I wish the team of the Astana branch many grateful and hardworking students!!! Especially when there are teachers like Ayna Feruddinovna!!! Thank you!
Maria, 24 january 2016, sunday
Excellent courses. I recommend them especially for those who have a bad memory. Personally, it helped me in my study.
Sofia, 13 january 2016, Wednesday
I want to thank the Astana branch. I'm already on the 6th level. I really do like everything about it. Now I’m reading over 2000 words a minute, and all thanks to my teacher Ayna Faruddievna. A few months ago I could not even imagine that. Thank you very much! And thanks to the beautiful and good manager Oksana.
Tatyana, 4 november 2015, Wednesday
I’d like to thank your center for the opportunity to educate children; we passed 2 courses and I’d like to share the results. My son is now 10 years old, and during the period of study we were able to practice all the techniques that he acquired at your center, namely, the child is not afraid of large amounts of text, these are no difficulty for him, since he learned how to trace the main idea in any text! He is especially good at sports news reports – who played, where and with whom. What the score was! He takes the magazine and seems to thumb it, you ask him and he says all that is written there :) Thank you once again!!!
Adat, 27 july 2015, monday
Thanks to the staff, especially to Yulia Borisovna for having managed to instill in my son Dayat the love for reading!!! It is a great achievement, since neither I nor the primary school had been able to interest the child in this area... And of course to improve the reading speed; I also noticed that my son’s memory and imagination have been improved. I recommend children these courses
Alim, 9 july 2015, thursday
I enjoyed everything about it, though it is difficult, but it is very helpful in learning anything. Suppose instead of cramming a certain text, you can simply use any suitable method.
Yelena, 25 june 2015, thursday
My daughter Alina took a full course at the International School of Fast Reading. Now she reads more than 30 000 words/min. I hope that the skills she acquired in these courses will help her in the future in studying foreign languages and obtaining a future profession. The most important thing is that it was not a routine for her; she attended the classes with pleasure, getting definite results. Special thanks to Yulia Borisovna Zhakitova!